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Boastful, confident or diffident – which is best?

Real or fake

Yes, you'd think the answer's a no brainer yet achieving the optimum mindset and behaviour is not a slam dunk. Decades ago I learned when interviewing potential sales people for our department that most of the male applicants would be assertive (often verging on aggressive), "bigging up" the … [Read more...]

What advice or skills should you expect to pay for?

SBT Skills

Back in the early noughties I invested a lot of time creating a course on sales and marketing communications specifically for entrepreneurs and owners of micro (1 - 10 employees) businesses, primarily in the B2B arena, where the main "man" was still responsible for the sales and marketing … [Read more...]

Can a salaried college Professor who’s never run a business teach students how to become successful entrepreneurs?

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I posted the question in the title of this post on a LinkedIn group over two years ago: "Can a salaried college Professor who's never run a business teach students how to become successful entrepreneurs?" The sub questions were What do you think? Yes or no? And why? And … [Read more...]

The Four WP Pillars and Foundation of YOUR Business

Four Pillars of Your Business

No business stands still. It either grows or atrophies. Now, there can be loads of contributing factors to your business expanding or wasting away so let's keep it simple for now and focus on four "pillars" that I've dubbed "WP" and that need to be 'right' as they underpin any successful business. … [Read more...]

We know where we want to go but not how to get there

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I've taken the title of this post from "Abundance - the future is better than you think", a book by Peter H Diamandis and Steven Kotler. In full this bit is: "In many cases we know where we want to go but not how to get there. In others, we know how to get there but want to get there faster." It's … [Read more...]

Your business success and your country: the link?


Would you run the management of your business the way your government runs your country? I'm serious. Think about it even for just a few minutes. I've been reading off and on today about the UK government's Cabinet reshuffle. Reshuffle is definitely the right word for what's been going on so … [Read more...]

Is your networking not working?

My kind of networking venue!

Or maybe it's not working as consistently well as you'd like? Well you could be in luck because I've discovered there's now a networking University course on offer! I didn't register when I first visited a couple of weeks or so ago because the site seemed to me to want a lot of information from … [Read more...]