#5 of 10 Telephone Sales Tips on how to create a positive image

Prepare yourself for making your calls by getting into the right frame of mind

Be a good listener

You have two ears and one mouth – use them in that ratio.

It probably isn’t the first time you’ve come across this advice and it won’t be the last, either!

When you make your phone calls you will have prepared your opening questions together with some information gathering and qualification questions, all based around your prospects’ or customers’ business needs. It doesn’t matter how astute the questions are if you don’t really listen to the answers.

A big mistake made by many sales people is that they are so intent on telling their prospect or customer about the wonderful things their products/ service/ solution can do for him or her, they don’t listen to what he or she is saying!

Listening intelligently enables you to tailor further relevant questions, which in turn will ultimately allow each of you to decide if there’s a potential “fit” that’s worth exploring further: Mutual decision, not one pushing the other.

Have fun – it’s catching!

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