#6 of 10 Telephone Sales Tips on how to create a positive image

Prepare yourself for making your calls by getting into the right frame of mind

Project an aura of friendly professionalism

This can be broken down into two parts:

1 Style of approach
With prospects you don’t know whom you’ll be talking with or what to expect and one of my top rules on that is: Don’t try to be too chummy.

If you’re tempted to disagree on this one just notice how you respond the next time someone cold calls you and does it to you…

You may find that, over time, you develop a really good relationship with some of your clients/ customers and that’s great. Depending on the individual it may be appropriate (and expected) that you spend a little time “shooting the breeze”. But remember, this is primarily a call concerning how you can potentially help them in their business.

You are not calling as their bosom pal and buddy-buddy. Having said that, if you’re anything like some accountants or lawyers I’ve spoken to on the phone, it might help you to lighten up just a bit!

2 Product/ market knowledge
If you are in a position where you are representing your company you’d better know your onions! And, equally as important, understand how your products, services or solutions help your target market and be able to convey that to it.

Why do you think business blogging has become so popular? One of the reasons is, providing you stick to stuff you actually know about, it gives you a chance to establish yourself as an expert (or at the very least, extremely knowledgeable) and to gradually grow your reputation in your field.

Go get ’em!

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