Do you have an Under Performing Sales Person?

An under performing sales person is going to be an unhappy individual who descends into a downward spiral from which it is well nigh impossible to get out of alone.

Here’s the hard bit to swallow:

You are at least partly responsible for the situation if the decision to employ that person was yours – you got some part of the process wrong.

It can be expensive to remove that under performing sales person from your payroll.
Yet it’s expensive to keep such a sales person in terms of not only salary and overheads but also possible damage to your company’s reputation and certain lost business opportunities.

You cannot afford to do nothing: That’s really not an option.

You could

  • Let the person go and replace them
  • Move them to another role in the company and recruit to fill this vacant one
  • Let them go and, if things are really tight, go back to doing the job yourself
  • Or you see if help in the form of training and coaching can turn the person around into a success

It’s worthwhile to bear in mind here that there’s probably already been an investment of time and money whilst this individual went through a product/ service/ solution learning curve before it became evident that certain sales skills were missing. That learning curve will have to be gone through to a greater or lesser degree by anyone else you take on.

In the final option the four keys are:

  • Does this individual want to learn skills that will enable them to do the job successfully?
  • Is he or she capable of learning?
  • Have you or can you provide the underpinning proven processes that will help successfully carry out the role?
  • Are you prepared to invest in providing training for the individual to get the skills he or she needs?

What would be the best way forward for your company and all involved?

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2 Responses to “Do you have an Under Performing Sales Person?”

  1. Thank you for your very helpful contribution, Sarah


  2. Sarah Hones says:

    Letting someone go and replacing them isn’t always the best option. With Employment law the way it it, if you do not do it correctly, you could end up attending a tribunal.
    Additional training to meet goals and performance targets is a good way of proving your ‘due diligence’ in developing the skill of an individual. It may help protect you if you do get taken to a tribunal when you let someone go – you can prove that you have done all you can to help the employee try and perform in their role.
    External training can provide the much needed evidence of skills development, over and above in house training every single time.


    Sarah Hones CPRS

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