How to start sharing business skills in practice

We’ll take a really simple example:

  • I give solid ways and techniques to a tax advisor (who doesn’t have the greatest communication skills) on how to gently and successfully prospect for business – I help him tailor them and explain how he can use each within his specific industry
  • My partner designs and produces the letterhead and business cards for him and keeps him supplied with them*
  • In return the tax advisor advised us on the best accounts software, oversees our accounts and advises us on financial matters, any alterations and innovations, etc. in general (that we’d never follow or keep up with)

There are four main points about the arrangement within this deliberately small group:

  1. The demands on our free time reciprocal and limited (we all need to run our businesses profitably!)
  2. The principle within this group is, wherever and whenever possible, pass the more practical day-to-day skills on so we each gradually “learn how to fish” the different functions for ourselves
  3. Requirements outside of the agreed give-and-take arrangements are fee-based
  4. There is much greater mutual trust and inter-dependency in this group than you will find between most businesses

I’ve deliberately kept this example simple with logical skills exchanges. Once we’re happy with each other, know and respect each other’s competences, we can extend this group to include someone, for example, with Internet marketing skills and another IT and support services expertise.

Why not try it yourself? You have absolutely nothing to lose and plenty to gain!

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2 Responses to “How to start sharing business skills in practice”

  1. Nice blog! Marketing your business is a necessary evil but if you don’t, it’s like “winking at a girl in the dark”, she don’t know you’re doing it and neither will your prospects. Don’t keep your business a secret, market it. I use American Business Lists for business mailing lists and telemarketing lists. I’ve increased my business in an economy that many businesses are closing down. Good luck with the blog, I look forward to the updates.

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