Where have all the customers gone?

Did the new Chief Executive of Woolworths wake up one morning with that thought resounding through his head?

Did nobody notice that sales had been slipping for years?

Whilst I agree with many of Mary Portas’ comments on what she found on a recent visit to Woolworths’ branch in Finchley Road, I disagree with those about the staff.

I happened to pop in on the off chance to that same branch only last Saturday. Yes, the layout is confusing, signposts are non-existent and I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

The chap I asked, though, couldn’t have been more helpful: He didn’t just tell me where to look: he walked me to it. Once there I found that choice was very limited, however, price and quality compared favourably with what I’d previously bought elsewhere.

When I went to the checkout the young lad there was courteous and carefully wrapped my purchase.

By all means have a go at Woolies where it gets things wrong. But don’t blanket pan the company where they get it right. Maybe I was lucky, and two helpful staff certainly can’t change the fortunes of a chain of stores that’s lost its way but would I go back on the off chance again?

Yes. I would.

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One Response to “Where have all the customers gone?”

  1. Barbara says:

    Absolutely, Linda.
    Something that is a great shame is that companies don’t listen to their staff more. They quite probably have the answers within their organisation already, just don’t consider that their staff may just have them.

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