#1 of 10 Telephone Sales Tips on how to create a positive image

Prepare yourself for making your calls by getting into the right frame of mind:

Let your voice project the image of a smile

When you smile your voice automatically gets a “lift”. Don’t force it and don’t try to fake it. Think of something that makes you happy; you’re going to get lines in your face anyway so they may as well be smiley ones! :)

If you’re doing it properly you’ll feel your features lift and the subtle (or even not so subtle) difference in your anatomy.

Expect the recipient to accept your call in the spirit you’ve made it: To be able to swiftly discover whether there’s a problem you can fix; a pain you can make go away. And, if there’s not, expect that the door will be open for future contact if the situation changes.

You wonâ’t find that everyone you call has a need for what you have to offer – that’s plain unrealistic. But it’s not unrealistic to expect to enjoy each telephone conversation you have. And you don’t know whether this person may know of someone else who may have a need for your help down the line.

Happy, successful telephoning


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