7 ways to grow your business without selling!

There are lots of ways you can positively influence the sales effort and make the best of selling opportunities without overtly selling.

And they’re probably well within your existing comfort zone, for example here are just seven:

  1. Sort out your brand differentiation – this is way down the list of priorities with many small companies, who mistakenly see it as artsy f***sy marketing-speak – but the company will only grow so far until it’s properly addressed
  2. Pro actively go out and get referrals rather than passively waiting for them to come in as and when somebody thinks to introduce potential custom to you
  3. Start or step up and maximise your social/ business networking activities (on and offline)
  4. Admit that not all customers are equal, carry out a mini audit and implement simple customer relationship management procedures that enable you to concentrate on keeping the best ones happy
  5. Examine your existing customers for identifiable traits and confirm who makes up the decision making unit – you can apply your findings to sourcing suspect or prospect lists that you can buy in and mail traditionally or electronically
  6. Research your customers to discover for certain why they bought from you and why they stay with you (rather than ‘sort of’ knowing) so that you can prioritise the main points in your message to your prospects
  7. Research new or previously failed markets and explore additional potential business

These steps alone will help you grow your company substantially and you will gain confidence in your own abilities to bring in additional business.

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