#9 of 10 Telephone Sales Tips on how to create a positive image

Prepare yourself for making your calls by getting into the right frame of mind

Be genuinely interested in what your contact has to say

Probably because of the years of experience of business telephone use I’ve had, even though I can’t see what’s going on at the other end of the phone, I can tell whether the person I’m conversing with is taking any notice of my end of the conversation or not. Even if I’m using Skype (where I find the quality can vary) I still usually know if the other person has become distracted. Believe it or not I find that the quality of the silence actually changes!

However, I have to accept that not many people will have had (or want!) that degree of telephone experience. So an easy suggestion to get round that is to remember your manners:

Don’t hog the conversation and do show genuine interest in the other person: It’s difficult to ignore someone who is asking you intelligent, meaningful questions and giving you his or her full attention!

(This tip also ties in neatly with Tip #5: Be a good listener)

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