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Do you try to be “All things to all people”?

And, more often than not, fail to be anything to anyone?

“We have always been guilty of trying to be all things to all clients and, with hindsight, I suspect that this has not helped us to maximise our efficiency and our visibility in specific markets.”

One client found this a hard but valuable lesson to learn yet it can be quite simple once you get your head round it ;):

Tip time: Be a different specialist for each situation, contact, prospect, client if necessary

That’s not as weird as it might sound once you think about it, after all, you’re already:

  • Somebody’s brother/ sister
  • Somebody else’s father/ mother
  • Somebody else’s uncle/ aunt
  • Somebody else’s grandson/ granddaughter
  • Somebody else’s friend
  • Somebody else’s etc., etc.

You’re still you, so there’s nothing wrong or underhand, yet you adjust your behaviour to the suit the role. Guess what? You’re already doing it – just extend it to business and benefit from it!

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"I was very impressed by Linda's determination to help and the constructive, but persistent, manner in which she identified issues and then tried to resolve them. After recent progress I was again reaching a stage where I seemed to be spinning my wheels, and she has given me fresh impetus to start moving forward again."