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Your business success and your country: the link?

Would you run the management of your business the way your government runs your country?

I’m serious. Think about it even for just a few minutes.

I’ve been reading off and on today about the UK government’s Cabinet reshuffle. Reshuffle is definitely the right word for what’s been going on so far.

Here’s a snippet of the game of parliamentary musical chairs

  • Justine Greening, Transport Secretary: Don’t like what she’d doing there – she isn’t toeing the line – so we’ll move her to International Development, after all…
  • Andrew Mitchell has moved on from Secretary of State for International Development to Chief Whip…
  • Ousting Patrick Mcloughlin… who gets Justine’s job at Transport

Gosh: How very, very neat! 😉

But, and okay, this is just a small example, will this reshuffle actually achieve more than if the existing players had been left in the places to which they had been put at or shortly after election time? Or is it a purely cosmetic job? Wash the make up off and everything is exactly the same underneath?

Back to the management of your business…

Before you start saying “Ah, yes, Linda, but we have to remember that these guys and girls in the Cabinet are appointments made at the highest strategic level…”

Yes, ideally they are, yet may I say “Rubbish” to the proof of the pudding? I’ve heard probably most of the stories that such-and-such an entrepreneur/ millionaire/ billionaire… doesn’t personally build the buildings/ fly the planes/ print the publications…

Quite right: No – s/he doubtless doesn’t. Yet I’ll bet you that every single one of them has rolled their sleeves up, in the early days at least, and got dirty with the rest of the team.

They’ve been there during the sweaty, nerve racking, nail biting times as well as joining in to thoroughly enjoy the sweet smell of success when that came, too.

Can Dave’s Cabinet Ministers demonstrate that kind of track record?

  • What track records do they have?
  • What successes can they demonstrate?
  • Who can you corroborate this with?
  • How can their commercial experience be usefully applied to their government posts?
  • Why are they being given their jobs in the first place?

Would you employ any of them?

If “Yes” – why and on what basis?
If “No” – why not and how would you justify getting rid of them?

Musical chairs

If your company wasn’t performing to your standards would you then move your management team around:

  • Your Finance Director to Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resources to Finance
  • Sales & Marketing to Human Resources

Oh, and we could add Creative Development and Production to the mix for some more fun if you thought the first three a bit too predictable…

This started as a somewhat tongue-in-cheek thought for a post over on Birds on the Blog but, as sometimes happens, the more I think about an issue, the more I see the potential repercusions from a totally different perspective: In this case it’s us: the entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses.

The question is, maybe twofold:

  1. How do we feel about idadequate representatives in government potentially taking the country down a route and batch of (primarily Eu?) legislation that consistently seems designed to hinder our entrepreneurial/ business prospects/ growth and, if that
  2. bugs us enough
  3. And what should we do about it?

photo credit: Chris Devers via photo pin cc

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