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Thought for the week – 20


I seem to have been a bit remiss…

However, I saw this on a website earlier today, hadn’t come across it before and thought I’d share it with you:

Kind hearts are the gardens
Kind thoughts are the roots
Kind words are the flowers
Kind deeds are the fruits


What we think about and feel about and speak about we bring about:

So let’s concentrate on the positives!

Resolve Your Dilemma with a D!

If you’re feeling swamped and don’t know where to start, this little piece of advice is useful – You choose from one of the following:

  • Do it now
  • Dump it now
  • Delegate it
  • Defer it
  • Neat, huh?

    Have a productive day.


    How times change!

    Happy April

    I thought we’d have some fun comparing our automatic understanding of words in the technological age we now live in with that of a world less than a generation ago.

    Here are just twenty meanings of words twenty years ago, back in the latter half of the 1980s:

    • An application was for employment
    • A programme was a television show
    • Spam was meat
    • Windows were something you hated to clean
    • A keyboard was part of a musical instrument
    • When you clicked it meant you got on with someone
    • A cursor used profanity
    • A sand box was something your kids played in
    • Memory was something you lost with age
    • Navigation was the territory of trained pilots
    • Compress was something you did to rubbish
    • If you unzipped in public you went to jail
    • Log on was adding wood to a fire
    • A hard drive was a long trip on the road
    • A mouse pad was where a mouse lived
    • Post was something you got through your letter box
    • A back up was something nasty that happened to your toilet
    • You cut with scissors and pasted with glue
    • A web was a spider’s home
    • And a virus was the ‘flu

    I shared these thoughts with some people and got the following additional gems:

      Monitors were in class rooms
      A mobile was used to amuse a baby
      Wireless was something you listened to The Archers on
      GUI was the consistency of syrup
      Broadband was something John McEnroe wore
      Excel was a verb
      E was an additive
      You practiced Latin in a forum

    Please join in and share any extra ones with us that you come up with…

    And, as we head towards another festive holiday, happy Easter to everyone.

    Summer time is here

    It’s official!

    We’ve been getting a bit heavy the last couple of weeks so I thought it’s time to lighten up a bit (oh no, another awful pun).

    Seriously, though, haven’t you felt a bit lighter in step already over the last couple of days with the effect of daytime apparently being longer?

    But did you know that it’s a hundred years since summer time was first mooted? For those of you who are interested, there’s some history on how summer time came about.

    In six months’ time I’ll probably be miserable for a while when we change the clocks again, but for now, let’s enjoy all the natural daylight we can get!

    Thought for the week – 19

    Hi there

    A brief one this week but what about the potential impact!

    Scientists have long held that human beings use a mere 5% capacity of our brains.

    Just suppose we decided to use an extra 1%. We could get up ten minutes earlier and, on top of that, watch ten minutes less television every day for a year. We could devote that time to learning something that really interested us and that we could do in our own homes, fitting it around existing routines.

    It doesn’t have to be connected to what we do for a living – it could be a new language, stamp collecting, yoga, meditation, genealogy, investment, photography – use your imagination!

    At the end of the first year we would have accumulated over 128 hours worth of knowledge or experience of our new subject: That’s the equivalent of 16 eight-hour days!

    Don’t you think we’d be pretty ‘up’ on our chosen subject by then? And all for 20 minutes (and maybe an extra 1% effort) a day!

    What could you enjoy learning, starting today?

    Thought for the week – 18

    We can all learn from donkeys!

    Chris Christofi (who also happens to be a great mortgage broker) shared this story with a few of us the other day.

    He said his granddad used fables and stories to get points across to him when he was a young lad and one was about an old farmer and his equally old donkey. They would go out to plough the fields each day and one day the donkey fell into a hole.

    The farmer stood and pondered a while as to what he should do. The donkey couldn’t get out under its own steam, the farmer wasn’t strong enough to get him out on his own and the nearest village where he could get help was a good couple of hours walk away.

    He decided that the donkey was near enough to the end of his life that he probably wouldn’t last much longer so he might as well just bury him in the hole. So he set about shovelling in the earth.

    Now the donkey, understandably not at all happy about this stuff landing on and around him, and with no intention of dying, started moving around, shaking the earth off and tramping it down under him. The farmer, intent on digging and hurling in the earth, didn’t notice.

    Some time later the donkey walked out of the hole!

    So if something’s getting you down, youâ’re not happy about it and have no intention of accepting it, shake it off and get on with life!

    Thanks Chris

    Thought for the week – 17

    I spoke to a great guy recently. His company has created a very powerful business tool that allows you to understand your marketplace. And it’s priced well within the means of any company with a turnover of £2m+. If you’re interested in knowing more, get in touch and I’ll put you in contact with him.

    He’s bold and spirited, nobody’s fool and has a great sense of humour and compassion but this thought for the week isn’t really about him.

    He was a bit concerned that some work being done on his behalf wasn’t progressing as he had expected so he thought he’d find out if there were any unforeseen problems or anything he could or should be doing to help move it along.

    He went to the ladyâ’s workplace (which was also her home). The meeting went fine and afterwards he sat in his car for some time.

    The lady in question is a girl in her early twenties, paralysed from the neck down, on a respirator 24/7, a fact not known previously to my new acquaintance.

    Two points come across loud and clear from this story:

    1. The lady in question is determined to be as independent as her circumstances allow and wouldn’t welcome anybody’s sympathy so she doesn’t broadcast her predicament
    2. Most of our moans, whinges and complaints fade into insignificance when compared to what she has to face every day of her life

    Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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