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Thought for the week – 12 – Anyone for resolutions?

It’s that time of year again

Hi and welcome back from the festive break!

Is this a great time for you when you can look back with a warm glow at your achievements during 2006? Or are you fed up that, yet again, “things” have conspired to prevent you from reaching your full potential this year?

Does the idea of making resolutions for the coming year fill you with eager anticipation or do you think “here we go again” and believe it’s just a waste of time?

I believe that for resolutions, goals, aims (call them what you will) to have a hope in the proverbial of actually coming about, they have to have a really strong feel good factor.

So anything that goes along the lines of

  • I’m going to stop smoking
  • I’m going to cut down on my (alcoholic) drinking
  • I’m going to lose weight
  • Is almost doomed to fail from the outset because it reeks of deprivation and self denial! So how can we get round this and still achieve the desired results?

    The first might be to actually make your resolutions any time but from the 24 hour period following midnight on 31st December: Make them at a time that is right for you, not when you’re expected to. As for how to phrase them positively, answers on your virtual postcard (comments) please…

    Hey – I’m providing the thoughts let’s have some of your input!

    Let’s get seasonal – Thought for the week – 11

    “There’s a beauty when it’s Christmas,
    All the world is different then;
    There’s no place for petty hatred
    In the hearts and minds of men.
    That is why my heart is happy
    And my mind can hold a dream,
    For I keep a part of Christmas
    With its peace and joy supreme”

    Garnett Ann Schultz

    Wherever you are, whatever your faith, it’s a nice thought to hold in amongst all the commerce, partying (and subsequent hangovers!) at this time of year. And, without being a party pooper it’s worth also starting to think about what you want to happen next year – more on that next time.

    Meanwhile all the best

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    Thought for the week – 10

    “Whether you think you can or you can’t – you are right.”
    Henry Ford

    This is obviously not a new thought as Henry hasn’t been around for a while, but it zooms straight in on the incredible power of the mind.

    If you’re finding that you’re struggling to make good things happen in your life it may be that you’ve fallen into the ‘can’t’ trap way of thinking. This is often contributed to by well-meaning parents, teachers, bosses and even friends.

    It’s a habit. You weren’t born thinking that way. And the wonderful fact about habits is that they can be broken.

    Try it – just for this week – wake up each morning and say “I can…”

    The power of thought is self-fulfilling – If you think you can, you can!

    Thought for the week – 9

    I met a lawyer some weeks ago. There was nothing particularly outstanding about him. He was quietly spoken with a good, self deprecating sense of humour. I found him very likable but couldn’t say precisely why.

    I met the same man, Howard, again last week and discovered that his speciality is criminal law. He explained that it’s actually very difficult for one lawyer to differentiate him/herself from another in this field. His way is to concentrate 100% of his attention and focus on each of his clients the whole time they are with him and he tries to make them feel that their lives and the outcome of their cases are important to him. I’d imagine that would make quite a difference if you’d committed a crime and faced an uncertain or bleak future, wouldn’t you?

    Not surprisingly, he finds that much of his work comes from referrals and recommendations from his clients’ family and friends.

    Then it clicked. There is something special about him.

    It’s not just his clients his gives 100% of his attention to, it’s whomever he’s speaking with. There’s no surreptitious looking at his watch or glancing over your shoulder to see if there’s someone more interesting to talk to.

    That makes him stand out in this fast paced, “me, me, me” world of ours.

    Why not try his approach this week?

    All the best and, if you enjoy or have an issue with these thoughts or any of the other subjects covered, why not add your comment?

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