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Are you having a ball?

No; nothing to do with the world cup – that’s done and dusted for now.

You know how there are times when someone else can not only say something much better than you could have, they’ll say something you wouldn’t have said in a million years because it would have sounded really cheesy coming from you?

That’s what this post is essentially about – so why not listen up and see what you can take away and use :-)…

Sarah-Arrow BWThere are a bunch of us who’ve been blogging away, mostly just about things that interest us, on a site since the beginning of the year.

It was the brainchild of the redoubtable Sarah Arrow (who manages and co-ordinates this blog site alongside co-running a courier business, a menagerie and being a mum to three girls) and some chums a couple of years ago. It finally came to fruition in January this year when Birds On The Blog made its debut.

I knew some of the ‘Birds’ from various online platforms and social media activity over the last few years but others only though their blogs on BOTB. I mentioned this recently to Sarah and said that I was going to make more effort to get to know the other regular contributors.

Sometimes some of us share tips related to our experience on what we do for a living, others never mention that and are instead more into social issues, news/ topical events and recipes (I kid you not – but the last are rare and backstops for quiet days when nobody can think of anything else :-( and no, you won’t find a recipe from me).

Back to the plot

So Sarah said: Interview them then write up the interviews in a series of blogs for BOTB; so that’s what I’ve started doing. It’s the individual’s choice of subject matter and we’ve so far found out more about:

Emily, a Creative who took the plunge and set up on her own eight months ago
Elaine who’s taken her direct marketing experience and not only built a successful “all-things-kitchen” business direct over the past eighteen months but is now also opening up the opportunity for others wanting to go into business for themselves without having to start from scratch, and
Ann whose company has just come up with some rather whizzy software that sorts whole bunches of complex mangled data rather efficiently and swiftly.

Why not go check them out?

The point of sharing this?

Everyone knows we are in a recession. Some people say that’s a time of opportunity for those prepared to take it.

The interviews, of which only a few have so far been published, have all been business-focused: that was the choice of the interviewees. The ones published so far are about feisty women who are either creating or seizing opportunities.

Yet we all get a little bit stuck every now and again and we can all benefit from brainstorming and input from a different viewpoint, one that helps us broaden our own perspective, see additional opportunities and/ or alternative solutions.

Each has said her interview has provided that.

They got to concentrate on what they felt was important to them in business without feeling self conscious: question how much they enjoyed it or, if not ‘it’, what ‘it’ enabled them to do that they did enjoy; expand on that and where it was leading.

ScheherazadeDo yourselves a favour: brainstorm with someone whose business experience you trust. Check whether you’re focusing on where your real value in business lies. It should be something you thoroughly enjoy and could talk about for a thousand and one nights if necessary and never get bored :-)!

Not suggesting you should – just that you could 😉 because that’s when your joy is likely to be infectious…

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PS, an added bonus: Perfect and Princess, twin Ugandan 5 year olds have a chance at education through adverts on and donations via BOTB

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"I was very impressed by Linda's determination to help and the constructive, but persistent, manner in which she identified issues and then tried to resolve them. After recent progress I was again reaching a stage where I seemed to be spinning my wheels, and she has given me fresh impetus to start moving forward again."