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Selling using social media tools

Ok…Selling With Social Media…we’ve covered a couple for very important points thus far.

Tip one – new thinking, a new sales strategy

Tip two – Be social, it’s called social media after all

I hope you’ve gone away and actually applied some of the ideas?! I sincerely hope you have taken action!!! After all knowing in itself isn’t the key to your future wealth. Applying the knowledge and taking actions for change are keys to greater wealth!

BUT Selling With Social Media

A third and very important point I’d like to now add to the 2 previous points ….
Tip Number 3 – Quality Not Quantity!

Stop trying to follow the hype; again just because Mary from Montana collected 15000 Facebook fans and now makes $5000 a week doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit!!! Mary from Montana might only actually make her $5000 from the people she already knew. You’re never told the whole truth in marketing hype.

In deed how about Martin from Margate who makes $5000 from only 1500 followers???

Isn’t it better to have a smaller manageable group of really loyal and connected friends who follow because they know trust and like your ‘music’…but they buy your music too and so you end up with the same nice numbers!

Quantity of course can still be a target … but not, in this humble writers opinion, at the expense of quality. Yes, go for more. Yes engineer word of mouth and incentives for spreading the word…but never sell yourself out.

You have never been judged by true friends based upon how many friends you have – you have been judged based upon how you treated your friends.

Apply the same rules here in Social Media Selling.

Selling With Social Media is about selling as much as you and I meeting for a coffee in a hotel foyer. Social media is merely a forum. It is merely a tool. It is one avenue that adds to your repertoire …but it is NOT the Holy Grail for every scenario and it is not a replacement for good old fashioned human values.

Try to ‘milk’ it and it will backfire.

Try to abuse and be shallow and it’ll leave you dead in the water.
Look for a way to add value and the systems add rewards back to you. Multiply the numbers and use systems to add value and give more to more people and as sure as tomorrow it will be a day with 24hrs then you will see wonderful return.

In closing maybe it is wise to bear in mind and paraphrase the words of Kennedy…and oft used by leaders in many scenarios when rallying troops…

ask not what it can do for you, instead ask what you can do for it

  • Always approach your selling – especially through powerful mediums such as social media…with a mindset of ‘giving’.
  • Always look at ‘what you can do to benefit your clients and prospects’.

From this perspective then it demands that you give and help and when you do you receive in return your just rewards.

So, good luck and have fun selling with Social media and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.


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Precised extracts from my email inbox this morning:

“…the Publisher of the Orange County Register in the USA (a newspaper that is the third largest in California) says: “The Register has to become a 21st century business… We can’t have the same model that worked 10 years ago.”

His approach has been to offer premium content in the subscription-
based Register, for a mainly older audience, to offer a hyper-local focus
through free community weeklies, and to attract a younger audience with free content on the newspaper’s website,

But this strategy has required a re-engineering of the business.” That’s a decisive, bold move.

Now let’s move to Birmingham, England:

“Trinity Mirror has announced wholesale changes planned for the city’s two daily newspapers. They are to shed around 80 jobs, turning
the Birmingham Post from a daily into a weekly edition and moving the
Mail from an evening to a morning paper.

A motion of opposition has been signed by at least 11 MPs of all

I don’t have any further information on the second story but I wonder: These are indeed radical changes and I can’t believe the publisher came up with them without serious consideration of all alternatives. So that begs two questions:

Is this a knee-jerk, vote-catching move by the MPs concerned?

How many jobs will go if the changes aren’t made and the two newspapers cease to exist?

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