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Recruiting sales people?

2 out of 3 sales people fail to meet expectations with the first year of employment.

If you’re the employer, how much is this failure going to cost you? Particularly if the failure takes several months before it becomes obvious?

And why does this happen so often when employers obviously take on the person they think can best do the job?

Well, the single biggest reason is that whenever we invest a substantial amount of money in a purchase (in this case a sales person) we always go through the same process:

We are initially attracted by a strong emotion, whether that’s to ease or cure a nagging pain or for anticipated pleasure that the purchase will bring. Then we use logic to justify the expenditure. And, finally, emotion takes over again. If the emotion is strong enough, we will buy.

Notice that emotion starts and finishes the process, with a smattering of logic in the middle! Let’s concentrate some attention and effort back into the logic.

We’re never going to eliminate the emotional factor, nor should we try. “Gut” feelings are particularly important, but we do need to strengthen the input of the logic!

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