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Why Do Customers Leave?

Do you know why customers leave? And some, even before they ever ‘come aboard’?

The biggest single reason is the way they feel they’ve been treated.

Not the way they’ve actually been been treated. The way they feel they have been treated.

“Customer service” and “Customer Relationship Management” have to be way more than trite phrases or marketing-speak to help you convert and keep customers once you attract their attention.

Here are three very different examples…

Years and years ago American Express sent me a letter inviting me to become a customer. I was naive, flattered and delighted and happily applied. I was turned down.

To be fair, it was in the early days of direct marketing in the UK and they probably got their profiling/ targeting a bit wrong or the list they bought wasn’t quite up to scratch, I wasn’t earning enough, I may even have been legally too young to hold their card – whatever – the single fact I remember is that they invited me then refused me.

I have no idea how many missives I’ve received from American Express in the intervening years entreating me to join their ranks of customers and I’d guess the company has no idea that every single one of them goes straight in the bin or why. Whilst I am probably slap bang in their ideal target market nowadays and have been for many years, it is highly unlikely that I will ever be their customer because I remember that feeling of being made to think I wasn’t good enough.

My mobile phone

I’ve been with the same mobile phone air time supplier for years. I realised recently that I’d had the same mobile for rather a long time and other people’s phones seemed much more whizzy than mine, with more features and definitely more 21st century looking. Actually, if I’d bothered to get my head round what’s on my old faithful I’d probably have found it was pretty advanced for its time, but that’s another story…

So I decided to upgrade and that’s where the trouble began…

I nipped up the road to a local store to see what my options were and that’s when I realised monthly payment had been taken out of my account that day – so another 30 days to decide phone, plan, etc – plenty of time. I thought I remembered that with the previous upgrade I’d got a better deal by going direct on line so thought I’d suss that route as well. That’s when I discovered that it would be an ideal time to renew… just switch from the current to the new payment plan from midnight and get the new phone the next working day…

We are eleven days on from that fateful day and, although I have a new contract (that differs from what I agreed to by phone in three major areas) I still don’t have a new phone that works – I’m still using my trusty old Pebble…


I had a phone call from the company’s Customer Services department yesterday (Sunday) from a guy who, unfortunately, was in possession of just one of the 3 emails I’d sent to their complaints department over the previous nine days (on top of countless telephone calls I’ve had with various representatives).

Poor s*d really came in for it a bit… :-( I wasn’t rude but I left him in no doubt that I was less than impressed with the service I’ve received thus far and would switch suppliers in a heartbeat if there was another with as good coverage.

He’s already promised to put right the three major discrepancies on the agreement in my favour and is due to phone me back this afternoon to sort the matter out for good. So we’ll see whether the company takes this classic opportunity to turn around a complaint and secure me as a loyal customer for another few years or lose me to the competition in 20 days time :-)

One person who got it right! This wasn’t the company, it was purely down to one individual.

I popped into the tanning shop on our High Street the other day and fancied a ‘lift’. I knew I had some time in credit from a block I’d bought ages ago but fell out of the habit of using.

Turned out I had quite a lot but it was from over a year ago and therefore wasn’t valid. Gang on a minute – there didn’t use to be a time limit… An employee showed me a card with T&Cs on it and there it was in black and white – any treatment or batch of treatments have to be taken within 12 months.

But I wasn’t informed – and, as my custom over time predated their computer system (which they’ve now had for a few years) I’m fairly sure it predated their current T&Cs too!

I recognised one of the employees and she me and she said “Go and have your treatment, we’ll sort something out.” I came back to the reception desk thinking that I may have to do battle only to be informed by the lady I knew that they’d restarted my credits from that day and the time would now be valid for a further year.

Now that‘s service!

How do YOU compare?

Do you often get it wrong from the off? Do you lose good customers because you don’t make them feel wanted? Or do your customers love you to bits and recommend you to everyone who may need to your products or services?

Did you say something BAD about me?

We often feature customer service here and the importance of getting it right – never more so than dealing with a customer complaint. Or even preventing a problem turning into a complaint… so I thought I’d share this with you…


A land line went down here the other day and I was having real hassle getting through to the telecomm provider to report it.

  • The recorded service I got through to (using a cable line) said it couldn’t run the test on the faulty line as it was busy… and suggested I call back…
  • The form on the website accepted all the details I inputted then wouldn’t process…
  • When I finally got through to a human being, English wasn’t her first language and she insisted on trying the web route again on my behalf – only to discover it wouldn’t register the fault…

I was eventually transferred to someone in the UK who manually logged the necessary information and started the process of sorting it out. From then on, I must admit in all fairness, it all happened pretty quickly.

Meanwhile, the interesting bit

Half an hour into this malarkey I was really getting hacked off, so I tweeted about it on Twitter, naming the company. Within about a further 20 minutes I had a direct tweet from its Care team inviting me to email them the info and they’d get on the case!

I did email them and thanked them for spotting my dilemma and offering to help. I also suggested they get the ‘powers that be’ at their (blue chip) company to phone in with problems/ use the website to try and solve them and see how they get on see how they like the experience.

Even when I received a follow up call the next day to check that everything was okay I still felt that they were playing catch up from a customer service viewpoint:

The competent human interaction should be there right from the first contact.

Now a question for You

What happens when a customer phones your company with a complaint?

PS: You Plc coming soon – Customer service happened to be more topical for me right now 😉

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"I was very impressed by Linda's determination to help and the constructive, but persistent, manner in which she identified issues and then tried to resolve them. After recent progress I was again reaching a stage where I seemed to be spinning my wheels, and she has given me fresh impetus to start moving forward again."