All sectors feeling the pinch

In case it makes you feel better…

It seems it doesn’t matter what line of business you’re in or what your role is in it.

Based on comparative figures available from ONS (the Office for National Statistics) between February 2008 and February 2009 on benefit claimants, the only categories that were actually showing fewer claims were Senior Officials in National Government and Medical Practitioners.

And the only ones ‘holding their own’ were Pharmacy Managers, Dental Practitioners and School Crossing Patrol Attendants, who were showing the same number of claims.

True, this information was gathered during the early days of this recession, but, with no obvious upturn in the economy in the intervening months, the figures on benefit claimants are only likely to have continued rising.

We’re obviously not saying that all trades, professions and occupations have been hit to the same extent – for instance, those associated with property in its widest sense have suffered across the board almost from the beginning. Manufacturing and retail has been hard hit with resultant high redundancies.

All we are saying is that, apart from literally a handful of exceptions, there are no recession-proof businesses or occupations.

Like my relative, you’ve probably already cut back on costs where you can. So your best bet is to rekindle the flame that got you into your business in the first place, listen to your customers’ needs, focus on fulfilling them to the best of your ability and do everything in your power to be their partner of choice in hard times.

You’ll then be best placed to reap the rewards of the good times when they come round again.

And they will!

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