Thought for the week – 9

I met a lawyer some weeks ago. There was nothing particularly outstanding about him. He was quietly spoken with a good, self deprecating sense of humour. I found him very likable but couldn’t say precisely why.

I met the same man, Howard, again last week and discovered that his speciality is criminal law. He explained that it’s actually very difficult for one lawyer to differentiate him/herself from another in this field. His way is to concentrate 100% of his attention and focus on each of his clients the whole time they are with him and he tries to make them feel that their lives and the outcome of their cases are important to him. I’d imagine that would make quite a difference if you’d committed a crime and faced an uncertain or bleak future, wouldn’t you?

Not surprisingly, he finds that much of his work comes from referrals and recommendations from his clients’ family and friends.

Then it clicked. There is something special about him.

It’s not just his clients his gives 100% of his attention to, it’s whomever he’s speaking with. There’s no surreptitious looking at his watch or glancing over your shoulder to see if there’s someone more interesting to talk to.

That makes him stand out in this fast paced, “me, me, me” world of ours.

Why not try his approach this week?

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