Thought for the week – 18

We can all learn from donkeys!

Chris Christofi (who also happens to be a great mortgage broker) shared this story with a few of us the other day.

He said his granddad used fables and stories to get points across to him when he was a young lad and one was about an old farmer and his equally old donkey. They would go out to plough the fields each day and one day the donkey fell into a hole.

The farmer stood and pondered a while as to what he should do. The donkey couldn’t get out under its own steam, the farmer wasn’t strong enough to get him out on his own and the nearest village where he could get help was a good couple of hours walk away.

He decided that the donkey was near enough to the end of his life that he probably wouldn’t last much longer so he might as well just bury him in the hole. So he set about shovelling in the earth.

Now the donkey, understandably not at all happy about this stuff landing on and around him, and with no intention of dying, started moving around, shaking the earth off and tramping it down under him. The farmer, intent on digging and hurling in the earth, didn’t notice.

Some time later the donkey walked out of the hole!

So if something’s getting you down, youâ’re not happy about it and have no intention of accepting it, shake it off and get on with life!

Thanks Chris

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