Looking for something a little bit special this Christmas?

Are you tired of the same over-processed Christmas cards that everyone sends at Christmas? Are you looking for something a little bit different, something with the personal touch? Do you think your customers might just love that?

As you’re probably only too aware, I’m always banging on here about knowing why you’re in business, what you do for your customers and what that’s worth to them.

Every now and then I come across somebody who just so has it cracked, I’m humbled to witness it and I want them to take the world by storm! Anita Hunt, designer extraordinaire of original cards (and more!) is such a ‘find’ and I was tempted to keep her all to myself – but that’s selfish and this is a season for giving – so I relented and you’re the potential beneficiaries! :-)

You can have a quick sneak peek here but come back before you decide to buy anything so that, if you do, you can claim just a bit extra – why not?

By the way, if it had been down to me I’d have removed “a little bit” from the post tile – but that’s Anita for you! Her own words convey the raison d’être of Nita Joy Designs, and the fire that ignites that creativity that enables her to come up with her beautiful work, far better than I could. So I’ll hand you over to her and, at the end of this post remember you’ll see our own little “thank you” for those of you who decide to share her joyful creativity with your customers (or mates, or loved ones… anyone who’s a bit special).

Anita’s message

I began my business with the aim to brighten someone’s day. I love nature and making cards and saw how much receiving a card with a personal message meant to those going through a hard time, or who were lonely and not able to get out much due to ill health.

With the unfortunate tendency of Christmas starting earlier and earlier each year and credit cards maxed out, the season is hard for many and it’s easy to become jaded.

I’m very much aware of how Christmas can be seen as an unwelcome expense – so how can greeting cards, specifically Christmas cards, be seen in a positive light instead of an unnecessary luxury item?

Many people such as the elderly love receiving a card; many don’t have access to a computer so an e-card isn’t going to be appreciated.

2011 has been a difficult year for many; so hearing your letter box struggling to cope with the avalanche of Christmas cards from friends and family always brings a smile, people feel remembered at a time when many feel disillusioned and worried about the future.

Every time you walk into your lounge and see the variety of cards lining up on shelves, over fireplaces and hanging across your walls really adds to the enjoyment of the season.

This is why I love what I do; it’s a privilege to make personalised Christmas cards that convey the joy that Christmas can bring – thanking someone for being a valuable customer – not selling to them just thanking them speaks volumes, thanking someone for their kindness, letting someone know how much they mean to you…

I have kept numerous Christmas cards over the years as the message written either on the front or inside the card meant a lot to me. Knowing that someone has taken time out of their busy schedule to sit and think about and write to me, is something I treasure.

Someone once said to me that they used to buy bulk packs of cards in the supermarket, hastily throwing them into the shopping basket, with their other food items, scrawling a hurried message, before flinging them in the post, but thought about what that said to the person who she was sending them to… so decided to spend less on gifts and more time on cards to write a special note.

One of Nita Joy Designs customers said

“You have now become my own personal card designer”
“I have just received the cards, they are beautiful!!!! I can’t stop looking at them; they are all so different and gorgeous. No one else will be buying the same, so that makes these really special. I know who to come to in the future for unique cards!”

Back to Anita

Yes we have Facebook, Twitter and e-cards to send a quick message to people at Christmas, but they don’t decorate our walls, we can’t feel them in our hands or keep them as a treasured memory.

If you would like to bless someone with a smile this Christmas, or to thank someone for their valued custom, I would love to make a set of special Christmas cards for you. I can add an insert with your special Christmas message, or add a message to the front of the cards at no extra cost. (Linda’s comment: Do I need to confide in you that this great woman is a new pal and not my client?)

My packs of Christmas cards are available in packs of 5 or 10 :-)
Send a Christmas card, brighten someone’s day!

Special offer for UK readers of Small Business Training

If you purchase a pack of 5 Christmas cards and add the code SBT11 in the message section at the checkout, you will receive 6 cards for the price of 5.
Post and packing is free.

The need to act

This offer must end 18th December 2011 – not to do with the usual hype of “only x number remaining” – so much as December 25th is looming fast and there’s the postal time to take into account, too! So do you fancy being that little bit different this year? Do you want to offer your customers a small token of appreciation that says “We value you – you’re not just a number…

So, if you’re serious, best nip over to ‘Nita’s place now… :-)

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12 Responses to “Looking for something a little bit special this Christmas?”

  1. They do look very beautiful, great venture Anita, for sure.
    We have a family tradition of making cards by hand.
    I love writing my cards – I have a special italic fountain pen with coloured inks, and thank the art teacher who taught me calligraphy, it’s one of the signs for me that Christmas is really on the way, and an opportunity to share a special message with loved ones and friends, near and far.

  2. Anita says:

    Thank you Suzanne :)

  3. Anita says:

    Thank you Yolanda and Mary, I really appreciate your kind comments

  4. Ooo, fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This sounds like such a lovely personal touch. It takes time to write in and send an *actual* card, and I have no doubt that customers who receive them will feel the love!

  6. Yolanda says:

    Okay so I’m across the pond but agreed that if you can take advantage of this deal… DO ET!

  7. Anita says:

    Thank you Linda, for this opportunity :)

    My thanks also goes to Sarah, Suze and Elaine for your kind comments.

    Thank you all for your encouragement.

  8. I stopped sending cards at all a few years ago and threw my list out! Since then I’ve started a new list and consciously choose not to send any which appear simply dutiful, this means that I can afford nicer cards and have the time to write a proper message or letter. I love the wee dog in Santa hat :)

  9. One thing that’s been aggravating me more and more is that the majority of the cards I send nowadays at this time of year are to people I haven’t seen for ages, rarely if ever talk to and are probably more to just send a sign I’m still alive… :-(

    There’s a side of me now that says: Make the effort for those who are genuinely important to you, and I include customers in that – and actually choose a card that requires more investment than the stamp to make sure it reaches its destination! :-)

    So yes, Anita – I reckon you’re spot on!

  10. Anita’s cards are absolutely what you want if you want to show people that you care, they are beautifully crafted and designed by someone who truly wants to make sure you give something special.

  11. I think there’s quite a strong backlash going on this year about eCards at Christmas – one of my clients even threatened everyone with unspeakably rude things if she received one! (She’s quite a jokey person, though.) I know some people bleat on about cards being a waste of paper ergo trees and email being cleaner for the planet and so-on, but I suspect the reality is that eCards are a lazy cop out – just a few clicks and your Christmas list is done. Written cards, especially personalized ones like Nita’s, take longer to write and send and require more effort – but they have so much more meaning and sentimental value than an electronic clone no matter how many galloping reindeer and flashing Santas the latter includes. So good for you two ladies – thanks for reminding us that Christmas is about showing our friends and family that we care, and cards like Nita’s are an excellent way of achieving just that.

  12. Sarah Arrow says:

    the Brinkly cards are very popular in our house, I think they are too special to send to school. the kids want them for their friends… We love Anita’s cards here – they are a great buy.

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