Marketing: Use your loaf not your bread!

In these days of ever-tightening belts is always good to know of ways we can get our businesses to known to a wider audience without having to spend our hard-earned money.

Many, of course, look and are too good to be true.

This one isn’t and it’s from what you may think an unlikely source: BT

BT Tradespace is a free forum where anyone based in, or doing business in the UK is actively encouraged to set up their stall. Not only is it free, it staffed by a bunch of people who couldn’t be more helpful.

If anyone knows of any other good low- or no-cost places we can promote our businesses, please share them here!

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3 Responses to “Marketing: Use your loaf not your bread!”

  1. […] posted a shameless plug for BT Tradespace last month – when I urged folk to use their brains not their money to promote their […]

  2. Stefan says:

    This site is an online business community specialising in resources for Entrepeneurs and SMEs. Businesses can use the site to network, find resources and even upload video pitches in order to find investment! Only last week the London Business School rated us in the top five entrepeneurial websites in Europe.

    It’s completely free to sign up as a business user and start taking advantage of all the resources on the site. And if your business provides services to the business community, you can also sign up for a free premium profile in our business directory and market yourselves to a community of over 50,000 users (and rising!)

  3. Andy says:

    Hi Linda, I will be looking into the tradespace sounds interesting, thanks for the link and blog.

    Andy. – Film & dvd Production Leeds

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