Thought for the week – 16

We woke up yesterday to no electricity and an eerie stillness in our neighbourhood. A little investigation revealed that some 1500 homes were affected and nobody had any idea when the supply would be returned.

Okay, do we sit around and wait or do something different? We decided to go out for a brisk walk and reward ourselves with a pub lunch. We boiled loads of water in saucepans on the gas cooker, had all-over washes and only remembered that it was pointless turning on the hairdrier when nothing happened!

On our walk we met up with a friend who decided to join us. Once there we had a great time and caught up with someone else we knew who dampened our spirits somewhat by pointing out that, according to his Sunday paper, apparently this is the worst time of the year for many of us:

  • Christmas is well and truly over with only the credit card bills as testimony to yes, we really did spend all that to make it a good one
  • New Year is a vague memory and most of our good resolutions have gradually gone by the board again
  • There’s nothing on the immediate horizon to look forward to

I’m not denying that all of that is probably true but the great big plus that somehow overrides all of that for me is the days are getting longer! By the time the electricty supply was restored I decided it was too late to do the work I’d intended to yesterday but I didn’t mind getting up a bit earlier today to catch up.

I’m finally coming round to really understanding that it’s not so much what happens in your life that’s important but how you respond to it. My mum’s an eternal optimist and for many years I equated that with naivety, but I was wrong.

So positivity is my word and attitude for this week. And that’s probably just as well, since I heard on the television early this morning that cynicism could be physically bad for your health!

Have a positively wonderful week.

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