Competition and Selling: Where’s the Focus?

I was catching up on reading earlier and thought I’d share links to a couple of blogs I subscribe to.

They’re both written by American males yet there the similarities probably end… you’ll see each has his own distinct slant on life and business and the way the sites are used.

I found this one from Chris interesting and it’s pertinent to any business. It’s central theme is: Compete with yourself rather than against the competition and it’s an approach that makes a lot of sense.

Though I’d add a caveat to it saying: Instead focus on what your customers a) need and b) think would be ‘nice to have’ (would they pay the extra for b)? What value would they place on it? Do the sums add up for you?)…

His business is largely online and he actively encourages participation from the site’s visitors – as you can see from the comments.

When you read the title of this post you’re expecting him to say that it’s a no-no. Quite the reverse – the message is: Get with it!

Jeffrey is passionate about selling. And he approaches it from some weird and wonderful angles. Some may seem way too OTT but there are usually gems that you can adapt and use in a way that suits you.

He’s not looking for dialogue with the site’s visitors: it’s a showcase where he freely demonstrates his skills… and encourages you to buy if you want more…

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