Make your website work for you!

Reading an article this morning that said: “Many small business owners do not have the complete range of skills required and are forced to learn as they go along.”

Well there’s a surprise ;-)! It went on to say:

“A recent survey we carried out at Made Simple Group clearly showed that marketing, and specifically improving visibility to generate new business, were key concerns for many.

In the face of this, it is indeed a surprising, if not extraordinary, statistic that fewer than half of all such businesses have a web presence.

Furthermore, of those small entities which are online, it is estimated that a large proportion are failing to promote their businesses properly.”

Making the most of your website presence is one area where the Davids of the business world can successfully compete against the Goliaths, so why shouldn’t you? It’s far less down to how much money you throw at it than how wisely you invest whatever budget you have. Your ‘budget’ is going to be a mixture of your time and maybe some money to be most effective:

  • What do you want your website to say about you to whom?
  • What do you want it to do?
  • How will the people you want to visit know it’s even there?

Regular visitors will know we don’t as a rule promote business services here. Yet today we’re making an exception, mainly because this particular one gives so much away upfront and proves that the team behind it really knows its stuff.

There’s a lot to read up on and try for yourselves at, so you may want to bookmark it and come back to it several times…

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3 Responses to “Make your website work for you!”

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  2. Thanks Linda, delighted to get a mention!

    I’ve always said that anyone can learn how to promote a website – after all, when I started learngin 15 years ago, there were no training courses and everyone learned by trial and error.

    The world of online marketing changes so frequently that it’s better in a way to learn as you go along, and puts you in control of your own online brand.

    If, as you progress, you realise that online marketing isn’t something you want to invest time in, but you can invest money in, then by all means take on soemone to do it for you – at this point you should know enough to weed out the cowboys 😉

  3. Sarah Arrow says:

    Learning as you go along can be a painful way of learning… and costly. But if you can try an expert out, and it works, you can buy those services in confidence.

    I have taught myself a load of ‘stuff’ over the last few years, now I find it hard to find anyone as good as me 😉

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