Calling Women Who Love Life and Mean Business!

Regular readers will know by now that I’ve enticed Jackie (Make Friends With Money) Dunn to join me in London on Friday 13th January 2012 to offer 20 women a fabulous opportunity to roll up their sleeves, work and play hands on with us and gain from our combined 50+ years of business and financial growth experience for an entire day! And not just that – can you imagine the sheer energy of 22 women working together to help each other enhance her business success? Wow!

Are you one of these

  • A Happy Successful Business Woman?
  • A Trapped Successful Business Woman?
  • A Struggling Business Woman?
  • An Aspiring or Reluctant Business Woman?

We’re looking for all levels to come together because when we’re good at what we do, enjoy it and are successful at it we are of more value to ourselves, those we care about and the community in general. We create cash flow in the economy. We also tend to be more fun to be around!

By the end of this day everyone will be closer than ever before to complete clarity on:

  • The precise space or niche you occupy
  • Its potential value to you
  • Its value to your customers
  • Who your target market is
  • What that market wants or needs and will pay for
  • How to reach it efficiently and effectively
  • What to say to it
  • How and when to say it
  • What results you want and how to get them

And you’ll have several new tools and techniques to add to your existing tool bag and help you achieve your aims!

Talking of money…

Financial freedom is high on 98% of the population’s wish list yet how many of us actually believe it’s achievable?

What negative or limiting concepts do you have about money that might be holding you back from:

  • Believing you deserve it
  • Making more of it
  • Sharing it
  • Being aware of money that’s literally frittered away
  • Uncovering resources you don’t realise you have
  • Knowing there is always ample money around for whatever you need or want
  • Making what you earn work for you … And that includes using event receipts (such as this event) and allowing the tax man to pick up the tab

By the way, did you know that:

“It’s never about the money; it’s about fear of loss, or wanting things to be different.”

Come along and be prepared to blow apart any limiting ideas about money!

Your Hosts for the day

Linda Mattacks – Value in Business
Jackie Dunn – Make Friends with Money

The most effective way to do your own due diligence is probably to Google each of us but here’s a bit about us to start you off.

Linda – Me!

I have worked for over 25 years with international corporations, from senior management to rank-and-file employees, to independent consultants/ sole traders and everything in between, to help them win, keep and grow customers. I have created and run courses, and trained and coached on the subject.

I am an ace on living, giving and receiving your value in business. 6 years worth of free training is accessible right here on this website :-)

I am the author of “Redundancy – Survive and Thrive” and “Opening Doors” a ‘how to’ book on effective networking – offline and online.


Being a sole trader for almost 22 years, most of it as an holistic Independent Financial Adviser, and running alongside that, a financial coach: getting and retaining high value clients. Managing to have a great life uncovering and advising about the richness of her finds: A win-win!

As a story-teller Jackie loves having fun sharing these real life financial anecdotes with you. They bring financial freedom to life in an animated and memorable way.

Seeing her role as a teacher and student, the sense of wealth-being is evident on the page ‘What people say about Jackie

And remember Jackie will show you how to make this event tax deductible…

The Event

£60 per delegate for the entire day includes light refreshments – more than a carrot, not a feast!

By the way, we’ve been asked: “Why only £60?”

The answer is simple: If we put the price tag on it we know it’s worth, it would probably preclude the ones who at first glance would have most to gain – those struggling or just starting out – from attending.

Those of you who are (happily or unhappily) more successful will come because you’ll want to mix with your peers and the idea of sharing your own experiences and offering shortcuts to those currently less fortunate will appeal – the money will be almost irrelevant – it’s the time investment that you’ll consider. Oh, and the promise of having access to a financial coach for a day at a mere £60 won’t go amiss! :-)

Be part of something special!

Where: The Arches Fairhazel Gardens NW6 3QE
The event is downstairs at this well known wine bar in London’s Swiss Cottage (or South Hampstead if you look at the A to Z!).
Google or Streetmap will pinpoint it for you if you copy and paste the postcode in.
Overground: South Hampstead 2 mins walk
Underground: Finchley Road (Metropolitan& Jubilee lines) 4 mins walk
Parking: Don’t unless you’re a local resident!
When: Friday 13th January 2012. Convene at 9.30am for 10am start: Play/work through to 4pm
4pm: Disperse OR stay to brainstorm next steps / get to know us and your fellow delegates better
6pm : Get kicked upstairs to the main bar or go home!

Why come and play? Because you’re worth it!

We are so convinced of the value of this day to you we’ll even say: Leave at 1pm if you’re not totally happy and we’ll refund your money within 31 days.

To register or for clarification:

Call Linda on 020 7209 1284/ 07879 628367
Or Jackie on 01664 482665/ 07973 895750

  • Tell us in advance what you need to jump start or take the success you’ve already achieved to the next level
  • Tell us your biggest money issues

We’ll compile all issues (not attributable to any individuals – many we know, will crop up more than once) and shape this day’s event around the group’s needs and by the end of the day each of you will be aware of previously untapped possibilities, how to explore them and make money work smarter for you!

There is only space for 20 delegates so it’s first come first served…

What do you have to lose if you come?
What do you have to lose if you don’t come?

Act now!

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3 Responses to “Calling Women Who Love Life and Mean Business!”

  1. Jon Boys says:

    Hi Jackie, Your event looks wonderful. I will put it out to all the ladies on my network with a note of recommendation. Have a fabulous 2012 and let’s speak soon.

    Lots of love


  2. Well it looks fabulous! Will spread the word – good luck!

  3. Anita says:

    Hi Linda, I really think this is a fab idea!
    As someone who has benefitted from your excellent advice and experience, I thoughly recommend the wonderful service that you provide.

    I’m telling as many people as I can.

    I wish you and Jackie every success!

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"I was very impressed by Linda's determination to help and the constructive, but persistent, manner in which she identified issues and then tried to resolve them. After recent progress I was again reaching a stage where I seemed to be spinning my wheels, and she has given me fresh impetus to start moving forward again."