Successful Business Women – are YOU one or WILL you be in 2012?

Let’s find out! Some of the traits of ALL Successful Business Women are that they:

  1. Know the precise space or niche they occupy
  2. Know who their target market is
  3. Know what their target market wants/ needs and will, if necessary dig deep to pay for it
  4. Know how to reach that target market
  5. Know what to say to that target market
  6. Know how to say it
  7. Know when to say it
  8. Know what results they want and how to get them

If only it were that simple – but it’s not. Let’s be aware that there are TWO types of Successful Business Women. The first are

HAPPY Successful Business Women

HAPPY Successful Business Women say things like:

“I LOVE virtually all aspects of what I do”
“I’m good at it and it contributes hugely to my all-round enjoyment of life and of those I care about”
“I’m getting a good/great returns”
“I just want to expand and build on them”

Happy Successful Business Women ask things like:

“What next, how can we innovate?”
“Who can I work with?”
“How can we help each other?”

TRAPPED Successful Business Women

These women are often ironically bound by their very own success :-(

They are likely to privately think things like:

“I don’t particularly enjoy much of what I do any more”
“…Though I’m good at it…”
“And it gives me a return that enables me to do things I DO enjoy with people I care about”

And they ask themselves questions such as:

“Do I stick with this and ‘safety’?”
“Or do I ‘break out’ and take a chance doing something I really enjoy?”
“…And what guarantees will I have that I’ll be able to keep and build on the benefits of the success I already have and don’t want to lose?”

And there’s another category we need to address:

Struggling Business Women

Theirs is a tale that’s heard all too often in this crazy economic climate. Their self-talk goes something like this:

“I LOVE what I do”
“I think I’m good at it”
“BUT I’m not yet (or no longer) getting anywhere near a good enough return to live the life of my dreams”

The Struggling Business Woman is asking questions like:

“Where am I going wrong?”
“Should have just stayed in employment and not struck out on my own?”
“What can I do about it?”

And, finally for now, there may well be some women whose changing situations mean they now need to consider how they’re they’re going to earn money:

  • They’re suddenly made redundant
  • The volatile market means their savings are no longer enough to live on
  • The main bread winner has lost his/ her job
  • The kids are now in school and are costing more and more to feed, clothe and ferry around

The list is potentially endless… and there may not be any jobs around that these women can just ‘walk into’. They may well be thinking:

Do I have it in me to be a Business Woman?

And you know what?
These women probably have the most untapped potential of any of the groups!

The purpose of this post

We help nobody by playing ‘small’. So I’ve enticed Jackie Dunn, the ‘Make Friends With Money’ lady (a money coach with 20+ years experience of working primarily with high earning women) to join me for the day in London on Friday 13th January 2012 – that’s right, Friday 13th, just over three weeks from now – to work play with a group of just 20 Business Women who will be from a combination of all four categories above.

We ask what you want out of the day – and that you be as specific as you can be – upfront. Then Jackie and I work our socks off with you to make sure you get that – minimum! :-)

  • We are going to have an absolute ball using all the sales & marketing experience and techniques I’ve accumulated over the past 25+ years to knock into shape and refine the 9 traits of Successful Business Women for every woman present…
  • Jackie will completely blow away any existing negative or limiting concepts about money and share ways to find it, grow it and put it to best use…
  • That will go hand in hand with some mind blowing techniques from both of us that, if you’re stuck or struggling, alter your perspective on what’s possible for you to achieve, and if you’re already flying will help you soar even higher…
  • All of you get to contribute…
  • You’ll meet like minded women – some of whom may well become good friends…

And this is just for starters…

Your investment?

One day of your total presence and engagement and £60* that includes light refreshments to stave off hunger pangs!
Arrive 9.30ish for start at 10am prompt
Jackie and I will lead/ facilitate/ coach where warranted and probably generally cause mayhem along the way at times! :-)

We anticipate working/ playing straight through until around 4pm.

Then the choice is yours. You can dash off if you need to at that point though we fully expect some of you will elect to stay and get to know us and your fellow delegates better informally for another hour or so.

*Jackie has told me of a way of payment and receipt generation that means you can offset your investment against tax – if you’re not yet making enough money to pay tax then that gives us an area of focus…

What should you do next?

20 delegates plus Jackie and I is an ideal number for everyone to get maximum return for her investment so I’d say “Don’t hang around if you want to be with us on January 13th!”
Call me:
Tel: 020 7209 1284
M: 07879 628 367

Or email me:

To register and reserve your place.

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13 Responses to “Successful Business Women – are YOU one or WILL you be in 2012?”

  1. Beatriz says:

    “I AM A WINNER NOT A LOSER” i think is the magic world to create on your mind that you can get whatever you want and reading articles like this make your mind really belive in you and that you are not alone to share ideas and get new ones.

  2. Stephen Bray says:

    Well, of course, it’s Vogue’s Anna Wintour who coined the term ‘What’s next?’ for women in business. Not all like, or even admire her, but she certainly knows the 8 traits you write at the top of your article Linda.

    I’ve learned lots simply from watching R. J. Cutler’s documentary about her and the rest of the Vogue team. It’s called ‘The September Issue’, and I highly recommend viewing it to men and women who want to be on top in business.

    You don’t have to come over as a ‘bitch’ of course to be successful in business, but Wintour’s eye and ability to focus and move on is inspirational.

    Happy New Year Linda,


  3. […] will know by now that I’ve enticed Jackie (Make Friends With Money) Dunn to join me in London on Friday 13th January 2012 to offer 20 women a fabulous opportunity to roll up their sleeves, work and play hands on with us […]

  4. interesting post. the business women network is an research organization. the mission is to create successful workplaces for women, their families and employers.

  5. Yolanda says:

    This looks great Linda!!! I’m excited to hear all the details of how it goes and I know you’ll share them with those of us who can’t be there.

  6. Well, I’m not in the UK but I can really relate with the questions a successful businesswoman asks herself and the things she says. I didn’t know how I’d like selling personal training, but as it turns out, it comes completely naturally to me. The reason? It helps people, and that’s my passion!

  7. Jackie Dunn says:

    Linda, you have an amazing way of turning our fun conversations round to produce words strung together saying just what we discussed …… in amazingly simplistic and real way. I knew I’d picked a winner when you got me to agree to join you on 13th January.

    And by the way – one of my skills is that I can do an expense audit. Did one the other day for client and found £60 per month that she was paying (via direct debit) for a service she had not used …. wait for it ….. for ALMOST 4 YEARS. So you see, the business receipt you would receive from us plus the opportunity to have more money in your bank account JUST by being awakened more to how your finances are running – often unconsciously. All I can say is that IT WORKS

    So lets get some more real fun going here. Learning through having fun ….. that’s rockin’

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  9. Hi Mary
    You’d be such a brilliant balance of practicalities- that you’d probably proceed to blast out of the water – and then share what we could achieve, you’d be welcomed with open arms! :-)

    Do we have to wait for world domination and you come to is or us to you for you to be involved? 😉

  10. Sorting out the wheat from the chaff time, methinks, Sarah:

    Do you remember I came across the syndrome and culture a few years ago of ‘whinge-about’ versus learn and work-around hurdles/ problems? I believe there’s a ‘sea change’ – mainly because of certain new, or newly empowered players in this totally changing arena.

    I believe that change is largely women taking stock, saying “This isn’t good enough” and starting to come into our own.

    I have faith in these women!

    I guess we’ll see, won’t we? :-)

  11. Linda, if I were in the UK, I’d be *so* tempted! This sounds like loads of fun.

  12. Sarah Arrow says:

    Interesting post Linda, it seems a really good value day – well done on taking the initiative and pulling this all together

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