Drains and NHS Management Consultants

If you’re a management consultant with the NHS as your client we suggest you head for the hills or vote Tory at the next general election!

Frank Dobson, speaking a few minutes ago on The Politics Show referred to the hundreds of millions of pounds spent by the NHS on management consultants. He almost likened it to money going down the drain but said that would be unfair: Drains have a value…

He said he wouldn’t spend another halfpenny in this way.

We’d be interested to know whether you agree or disagree with him (and why).

Also, do you think this a warning shot across the bows to NHS management consultants OR a heads up to Andy Burnham, current Secretary of State for Health, that if Labour get back in, Frank wants his old job back? Or maybe both?

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2 Responses to “Drains and NHS Management Consultants”

  1. Agreed.

    A crying shame when you realise that there’s expertise within the NHS system itself if they knew where to look.

    Their own people have demonstrated how to cut mortality rates in vulnerable patients, how to cut waiting times AND at the same time deliver better patient service…

  2. Sarah Arrow says:

    Ah Linda, consulting and the NHS, what a can of worms you have opened here!

    Personally I think the NHS, should be stripped back to nothing and rethought. Each year billions of tax payers money goes into it, and yet people are dying on trolleys and the nursing care leaves a lot to be desired.

    Thats not to say a lot of NHS trusts don’t have the best intentions, I am sure they do. Just a lot of money being wasted on consulting and trends and policies and measuring performance rather than caring.

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