How to sell in a recession: 1

How can you grow your business when the economy takes a nose dive?

… and your traditional market’s sinking without trace?

Anybody seen to be “selling” today is probably going to get short shrift, so how about making it easier for your market to buy from you instead?

Firstly think about what your company does for your customers.

Not what you THINK you do (keep their telecoms, IT, delivery, fleet running smoothly) but what they value about what you do enables THEM to do (communicate, run their business optimally, deliver last minute items, keep their employees safe on the roads).

Oh and how do you help them do this on time, on budget and protect and advance their company brand and reputation)?

Isn’t that a little bit different to: “I’m gonna sell you something because I need the business/ need to reach my targets”?

The key here is being able to demonstrate that you understand the worries, cares and hassles of your customers and that you’re here to help them.

You can’t fake this: If you try your prospects and see through you in seconds

It’s worth working on, though, and it isn’t just an ‘elevator pitch’!

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"I was very impressed by Linda's determination to help and the constructive, but persistent, manner in which she identified issues and then tried to resolve them. After recent progress I was again reaching a stage where I seemed to be spinning my wheels, and she has given me fresh impetus to start moving forward again."