When did you last say Thank You?

An often overlooked sales tip, is to say thank you in a highly personal way. It increases customer loyalty and makes them feel appreciated. It can also make you stand out from the crowd, and when times are tough in business it may give you the edge.

Even though business thank you cards offer a tangible way for companies to demonstrate customer appreciation, only 44 percent of the consumers we surveyed received a thank you greeting card from companies with which they do business,” said Marc Wagenheim, director for Hallmark Business Expressions.

In fact, a total of 66 percent of consumers surveyed by Hallmark Business Expressions indicated that business greeting cards sent to show appreciation for a purchase or referral makes them more likely to do future business with a company.
Some people suggest you pick up the phone or send an email, but what works best for me is the old fashioned but highly memorable thank you note.

What should you thank people for? We thank new customers for choosing us to deliver their goods. A friend of ours thinks a thank you note after obtaining a quote is a good way of getting the business, it works for her.
What do you put on it? I suggest it’s handwritten, and in blue ink, so that it doesnt look like its computer generated, so it has that nice personal touch. Some discreet contact details, but they shouldn’t detract from the message of thanks.
Where else can I use it? After networking? Why not thank the person for their comments, may get read unlike an email which can be deleted, may get kept too. Certainly makes you stick in their mind.

So when did you last say thank you via a note, and how did it work for you?


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