#3 of 10 Telephone Sales Tips on how to create a positive image

Prepare yourself for making your calls by getting into the right frame of mind:

Speak clearly and a little slower than you would normally

Don’t rush your words as though trying to win a race or punctuate your words with “er”s and “um”s. It’s usually nerves that cause that, so just take a few deep and calming breaths before calling the number.

Speak reasonably slowly and clearly to the person who answers the phone and continue to speak slowly and clearly once put through to your targeted individual. You want to pitch it a little slower than ordinary talking pace and not too loud, so the other person is automatically encouraged to concentrate and listen to what you’re saying.

If you know what you’re talking about and believe in it, and have prepared your opening statements and questions in advance there’s no need for you to either gallop through your words or start floundering and dithering

So relax a bit and enjoy your self!

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