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Employing young women

With recruitment issues way at the back of many companies' minds in the current economy, this may seem like weird timing to raise the issue of the potential 'risk' involved in employing young women: Will she decide to go off and have babies? If she's already a mother, what happens when one of … [Read more...]

Make your website work for you!

Reading an article this morning that said: "Many small business owners do not have the complete range of skills required and are forced to learn as they go along." Well there's a surprise ;-)! It went on to say: "A recent survey we carried out at Made Simple Group clearly showed that … [Read more...]

When did you last ask for a referral?

Who do you think will be more predisposed towards you: Someone who doesn't "know you from Adam" or somebody who has been referred to you by a person they respect? Especially in times of economic uncertainty people will be careful who they spend their money with. So if you think it's non-u to … [Read more...]

You’ve dived into business… How’s the water?

Maybe you’ve found that the water’s muddy and cold. If you’re struggling to be seen as more than a commodity – the market’s less buoyant and people are buying on price - now's the time to look at doing one of 2 things and they're not that different: If you're not a commodity you need to … [Read more...]

Are 12 of you ready to up your game?

As you can see by the side bar, we've been concentrating on helping people who are finding themselves out of a job get the best possible perspective on how to handle their predicament and get themselves back earning. So apologies to the thousands of you who visit this site and read our blogs if … [Read more...]

Avoid Business Growing Pains

We all know people who've lost or nearly lost their business. We hear how they've been "stitched up" by rogues or, at the very least, let down by incompetents whom they've charged with responsibility for sales, marketing, financial, legal or IT issues and it's all gone horribly wrong. So how … [Read more...]

Control Costs, Win And Keep Customers

More than 40% of small firms want more support to survive the recession, according to research by Lloyds TSB Commercial. Two thirds of firms put advice on controlling cost top of the agenda 60% want advice on attracting customers 44% want help on how to keep them So we had a quick look … [Read more...]