Small Businesses, Social Media and CRM

Integration of Social networks and CRM tools can provide a wealth of data on customers and potential customers but are small businesses making the most of this opportunity?

I came across a great blog posted back in the summer by Ian Hendry, CEO of

In it he talks about Social CRM: the coming together of social networks with Customer Relationship Management system to provide businesses with a wealth of data never before available.

Regular readers will know how often I’ve stressed the importance of talking to your customers and market to find out what they need.

Ian points out that few will answer and, those who do, can give you skewed answers. Whilst I don’t particularly agree with that (if you go about it the right way, listen to what’s being volunteered and tease out what’s not, you can get solid truthful data (quantitative) and amazing insights (qualitative).

He highlights the fact that

sort of information is available across the Social Web as those same customers update their profiles; post, tweet, StumbleUpon and Digg. Your customers are revealing aspects of their needs that they’d never bother sharing with you directly, but by knowing where they are online a whole heap of additional information can be at your fingertips before you contact them; helping to drive the dialogue you have before they’ve even started thinking about your company, let alone discussing it.

He deftly brings the CRM factor in with how to build your customer profiles and create their needs and wants.

The full article is here. If you’re not particularly “techie” or up on Social Media I suggest you talk to your youngest employee (or your teenage at home) for a quick lesson – you may find it’s worth it!

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One Response to “Small Businesses, Social Media and CRM”

  1. Sarah Arrow says:

    Social Media? What’s that? My Teens answer….

    Seriously, I am looking at using some of the CRM tools on where I am a Pro Networker (and I get to play with all the buttons, sometimes I may press one! :-) )and use the site for an upcoming email campaign. I like the idea that I can have my contacts imported to one place and use their systems to create mailshots etc.

    I also like the fact that the site owners are extremely trustworthy, unlike some other so called business networks! and trust is important if you are using your data for business via a social network.


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